Brooklyn, New York USA
26 October 2022 @ 8:30 AM

Organized by Nokia and the NYU WIRELESS research center, the annual summit is one of the communications industry’s most distinguished gatherings, having played a major role in charting the future of wireless technology since its 2014 inaugural event.

The theme for this year’s B6GS is “On the Path to 6G.” We will examine the status of various 6G initiatives around the globe and highlight key technologies defining the 6G era. The summit will feature talks led by the creative minds behind those technologies. Among the many topics we will discuss and debate are the metaverse (XR/VR/AR, digital twinning), native AI/ML, network as a sensor and new spectrum technologies.

The most promising use cases for 6G, and the collaboration needed across the industry to bring to 6G to life will be explored. Leaders from both startups and major industrial companies will describe their early successes and share their plans for the future. In addition, the summit will feature demonstrations of some of the most promising 5G-Advanced and 6G technologies, which you can experience firsthand.

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