Fertilizer on the Farm - Powering the Next Generation of Nitrogen Fixation

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For the past century, nitrogen fertilizer has been produced as ammonia (NH3) in billion-dollar facilities located hundreds to thousands of miles away from growers who need it. Immense market inefficiencies and safety hazards impact the distribution channel and lead to farmer’s paying 2-5x higher than production costs, which are tied to volatile natural gas prices. As a result, inflated and inconsistent fertilizer costs often force the farmers to make decisions based on prices rather than crops. Furthermore, entrenched supply chains fail to reach developing economies, and nitrogen fertilizer is the most expensive where it is most needed. Nitricity provides universal access to nitrogen fertilizer by producing it on-site and on-demand using air, water, and solar electricity. We enable growers to have control over their own fertilizer supply, reduce their costs, and mitigate CO2 emissions. We produce nitric acid and almost all types of nitrate fertilizer (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and nitrophosphates).

-- market inefficiencies, sustainable agriculture, on-site production, nitrate fertilizer ... February 10, 2021, IEEE-SCV Sustainability Chapter (sites.ieee.org/scv-sust)

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